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The Story of Memorize and Why We’re Hoping Memorize Will Make You Smile

The Story of Memorize and Why We’re Hoping Memorize Will Make You Smile

With middle school on the horizon, I sorted through the colorful array of my daughter's elementary school memories.  I felt a mix of pride and nostalgia. There was also the practical mother dilemma that so many other parents face: where do we keep these treasures that mark the chapters of our children’s lives? 

Those handmade sweaters, her first real art projects, the soccer jersey stained with the grass of her first goal—they deserved more than to be forgotten in a plastic bin or lost in a shoebox in the back of her closet.  And let's not forget about my own keepsakes—my wedding veil, shoes, and other precious items were scattered in different closets and hard to find when nostalgia struck.

I'm Gayle, and I've spent over 20 years in branding and the beauty industry, but it was my role as a mother that inspired my most passionate project: Memorize Custom-styled Trunks. I wanted to create storage that is as special as the memories it holds — a place where we could not only store but celebrate and revisit our cherished moments.

Memorize Trunks specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind storage solutions designed to help you cherish the moments that matter most. Select from interior decorator-selected fabrics and design your embroidery.  Gone are the days of storing precious memories in plastic bins with impersonal labels.

How Memorize Came to Be

I started by sourcing trunks and quickly my home became overrun with various colors and sizes.  Then, I moved on to fabrics.  Walking around the Mood Fabric store in the Garment District in NYC like I was on Project Runway, this was fun (and a little overwhelming).  Finally, I put together a list of cut & sew factories in the New York and New Jersey areas and started meeting with them to collaborate to develop my product.  

I delved into the exciting world of fabric, creativity and logistics and poured my heart into this project development. I bring customization to every purchase—no two trunks are the same. They're modern yet sentimental, address the challenges of organizing keepsakes, honoring memories, and being decor-friendly.

Who Are Memorize Trunks For?

These trunks are for people like you and me. Whether you're a bride, a mother, a grandmother, an expecting mom, a pet mom, a recent graduate, a traveler or someone who just loves their life, Memorize is for YOU. And if you weren’t in the habit of storing your sentimental items before, now you have a way to curate your life (and minimize clutter)!

I like to think of the trunks as giant jewelry boxes that you can customize and embroider so they become an heirloom, almost as valued as their contents.  

How to Use Our Keepsake Trunks

Memorize trunks are designed to be a part of your life's celebrations and everyday moments. Here are some ways you can use our keepsake trunks but we would LOVE to hear how you would MEMORIZE YOUR LIFE:

  • Weddings and other family celebrations: A Memorize trunk can be a unique addition to your wedding, serving as a stylish place to collect cards or to store keepsakes from your special day.  Think christenings, communions, b’nai mitzvahs, important anniversaries.  
  • Pet Stuff Storage: For the cherished pets in our homes, a Memorize trunk can elegantly store the leashes, toys, and treats we use daily, conveniently placed by the entrance or as a stylish accent in the living room.

  • Game Night: Keep your home tidy and stylish by using a trunk to organize games, toys, or other items in your living room.

  • Baby, Kids, and Couple Memories: From baby clothes to love letters, a Memorize trunk is a perfect place to cherish the memories that chart the growth of your family and relationship.
  • Travel Memorabilia: Collect souvenirs, photos, and mementos from your travels, from theme park adventures to international explorations, in a trunk dedicated to your wanderlust.

  • Glory Days: Display your academic and athletic achievements proudly in a trunk that's as distinguished as your accomplishments.
  • Group Gifts:  Get together with friends to give a one-of-a-kind gift at your next bridal shower, baby shower, or big birthday!

The best part is that you can keep adding to your keepsake trunk as you go through all those special moments—it's almost like a rite of passage or an annual tradition. 

Every Home Needs a Memorize

So why do you need a Memorize in your home? Because we make photo albums for special occasions, but what about the trinkets that can't go into an album? The answer shouldn't be a dreaded plastic bin or an old shoebox. It should be a Memorize trunk because it's not just about storing things—it's about honoring the narrative of our lives.

When you tuck away that latest memento, you will honor the significance. And when you peek inside your memory chest, your heart will swell all over again! Thank you for joining me on this journey to curate and preserve the moments that make life truly extraordinary! ✨