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Travel Mementos: Curating Your Adventures at Home

Travel Mementos: Curating Your Adventures at Home

There's a special kind of magic in digging through your travel treasures long after the tan lines have faded. Each little keepsake is a flashback to those "remember when" moments, and every time I come back from a trip, I'm eager to find ways to sprinkle those memories around my home. 

If you're like me and you're having a hard time letting go of travel souvenirs, you don't have to – keep them! I have several tips to help you get organized, display your most cherished items, and curate a collection of mementos you'll love.

Storage Trunks: Your Personal Time Capsule

I originally created the Memorize trunks to organize my kids' keepsakes, to give those important early memories a home as special as the moments themselves. But as it turns out, these one-of-a-kind and practical storage solutions are perfect for so much more.

Consider the Memorize trunk for your travel memories. Those highly anticipated vacations we take are brimming with keepsakes, and dedicating a trunk to these treasures is like creating a personal museum of your adventures.

And here's the really fun part: you can tailor this trunk to your taste with fresh fabrics and custom embroidery.  Imagine creating your own "vacation vibes" trunk? You can customize one right here.

Creative Display Ideas: Your Adventures on Display

When it comes to displaying your adventures, there's no end to the creativity. I love the idea of a themed gallery wall that's a mix of artwork,framed photos, and maps. 

You can get crafty and decorate a map with pins and strings marking your adventures—each string a journey, each pin a story.

If you’re a fan of small souvenirs, trinkets and figurines but find you have too many of them, you can store them away and dedicate a shelf or two where you can rotate your favorite items.

Shadow boxes are also fantastic for those sentimental items you don’t quite know what to do with: rocks, shells, and pressed flowers. It's like a 3D scrapbook on your wall, a little window into your travels that anyone can peer into.

Journaling and Scrapbooking: Stories Bound Together

There's something deeply personal about journaling and scrapbooking your travels. Pairing stories with the physical items collected along the way brings an emotional depth to your keepsakes.

I like to journal during the actual trip, while scrapbooking is ideal right after returning home from my adventures, while the memories are still fresh.

For those delicate paper memories, like tickets and postcards, clear albums are a lifesaver. They keep your memories safe and viewable, without the fear of them fading away.

Functional Mementos: Everyday Reminders of Faraway Places

Who says souvenirs can't be practical? Coasters, blankets, mugs, keychains and other bits from around the world can infuse your day with vacation vibes.

Rather than buying souvenirs, I love to get things I actually need in my house or wardrobe, and know I’ll be enjoying them for a long time. I do have a rule: I only buy it if it’s truly special to me and works with my decor.  

Curating Your Collection: The Art of Selective Memory

It's okay to purge and let go of souvenirs that you've purchased on a whim or as a gift you never ended up giving. Some of us are certainly guilty of collecting too many fridge magnets and printed tote bags.

Remember, it's about quality over quantity, and meaningful items will always stand out. Avoid mass-produced souvenirs that lack that personal touch. And when it comes time to let go of what no longer serves you, do it with a heart full of gratitude for the memories and a clear vision of keeping your collection special and meaningful.

Travel is a privilege, and we need to be mindful of the stuff we accumulate while roaming the world. Care for your planet and be very intentional with what you collect. Make it special and every trip down memory lane will be an amazing experience.